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Who We Are


Easymatics are a company offering specialist products and services spanning Operational Technology (OT) and Information Technology (IT), assisting organisations to envision and implement end-to-end Digital Transformation aligned with Operational Excellence programs. We offer a complete range of Advisory, Strategy, Transformation and Management services, collaborating closely with clients to assist them unlock potential and develop new capabilities.

Our business agility addresses our clients challenges relative to time to value and costs, we can demonstrate considerable savings over traditional consulting models. At Easymatics we are so confident in our business agility, we will offer a benchmark of our agility model against your current estimates or new or existing programs.

Why We Are Different

The pace of change is accelerating as Digital Transformation initiatives dominate business strategies and boardrooms, we are seeing the rise of lofty ideas to embrace the Digital journey and be a leader. It’s hard to remember though the Digital Revolution is still in its early days. At Easymatics we have been living through a similar revolution, of which similar themes and challenges are emerging. We believe we are uniquely positioned to support the demands of Digital Transformation initiatives, disruptive technologies adoption, and the successful realisation of tangible benefits.

Our Story

Formative Years

Easymatics commenced trading in 1999 and was incorporated (Limited) in 2001 during the peak of the Open Automation revolution for manufacturing. The evolution of traditional control systems to PC-Based systems, (OT), including the implementation of Fieldbus standards, Industrial Ethernet, OPC (OLE for Process Control), SCADA, HMI, Protocol Converters and PC-Based control to unlock the potential of proprietary hardware, to enable remote monitoring and analytics on desktop machines utilising open standards.

The name Easymatics is formed from the core principles of how we have unlocked value for clients since start-up. Simply put we leverage Open Automation principles to make Automation and Robotics Systems, Easy. Robotics for manufacturing could be referred as ‘pick and place’ these days, as the definition over the years has also evolved to take in advances in Artificial Intelligence.

Open Automation Evolution

PC-Based Control was our primary business for many years, and our exclusive partnership with world leaders Steeplechase and Think & Do Software enables us to deliver world-class automation systems for many key clients. The packaging of a PC-Based Software (VLC), SCADA and Fieldbus Controller enabled us to ship complex systems pre-tested on one PC. Our clients on average realised a 55% reduction in development and commissioning time, and program alterations could be achieved remotely. Spares were also reduced, as they could be configured from off-the-shelf components.

As the market opened up, initial implementation and planning became more involved. This is because ALL components of the system from various vendors must be integrated with each other, as was the expectation of these systems. Networking and device integration became a primary driver for our business, and we quickly moved into the convergence of IT / OT from an engineering discipline to architecting complex systems for IT companies and clients.

Device Networking Evolution

The OPC standard alone opened up the market to opportunities of using Historians gather real-time field information.

OPC was designed to provide a common bridge for Windows-based software applications and process control hardware. Standards define consistent methods of accessing field data from plant floor devices. Natural Resource companies were quick to catch on to the potential of managing remote installations to enhance decision making on some of their more challenging assets, this evolved into Integrated Operations (IO). Easymatics has been at the leading edge of this shift and has delivered many successful projects related to Real-Time Data, Information Security, Production Analytics and Integrated Operations across the globe.

Business Process Evolution

The focus for many of our clients quickly changed to a focus on Business Process Orchestration led by Operational Excellence initiatives using Integrated Operations as an enabler in many cases more notably for our Upstream Oil & Gas client base. From this demand, we moved into Operating Model and Technology Strategies, Roadmaps and Process Modelling across the complete E&P value chain using Lean Six Sigma principles. We have led many strategy engagements for our clients across the globe, developed a unique insight and many methods, frameworks for accelerating these engagements.

Digital Evolution

We are proving maturity of technologies and key innovation principles for many clients.

Current Trends

The current trend is Digital Transformation, and many of the themes we have encountered through our own business maturity are being played out again. Industrial Ethernet was the forerunner for IoT, Analytics have been replaced by AI and Machine Learning speak, hosting for infrastructure is now Cloud service models, physics models are being reclassified as Digital Twins. We are now replaying the Easymatics storyboard, an evolution of advanced automation for business reinvention, where the story has moved from the industrial process domain to the business users and companies are shifting their focus to Digital as the driver for change across senior management.

Our Core Team

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Our business agility addresses our clients challenges relative to time to value and costs.


A team of experienced people equipped with the rights tools, delivering straight forward and rewarding benefits to your organisation.


Easymatics is at the forefront of delivering digital transformation. We make digital transformation one of the most beneficial and cost effective exercises your organisation will ever do.


Proven skills and experience to support the demands of Digital Transformation initiatives, disruptive technologies adoption, and the successful realisation of tangible benefits.