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Machine Learning for Upstream Oil & Gas

Machine Learning for Upstream Oil & Gas, Setting the Scene

Machine learning for upstream oil & gas is a hype topic with many vague promises. There are however concrete use cases in the industry that use machine learning to achieve substantial benefits. At the same time, many providers are portraying data management principles as an application of machine...
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Business Agility for Upstream Oil & Gas

Business Agility for Upstream Oil & Gas, Scene Setting

The Upstream Oil & Gas industry has insight into what it takes to succeed, and over time changes and adapts, and is a generalised observation of process-intensive industry models. An approach to Business Agility for Upstream Oil & Gas is required. The business climate is now even more...
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Digital Transformation for Upstream Oil & Gas

Setting the Scene of Digital Transformation for Upstream Oil & Gas

The recession in Oil Price is here to stay for longer than many initially predicted. CEO's see digitisation as the enabler to transform their business, and a means to survive in a $50 bbl scenario. A new paradigm for digital transformation for upstream oil & gas is...
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