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Step 2 – Strategy Services


Easymatics strategy services are underpinned by proven methods and decades of experience, enabling industries to make the right decisions, take advantage of opportunities, implement a sustainable and business aligned plan of activities and initiatives. We are uniquely positioned to bring the agility, experience, industry skills and methods to meet these goals.


Our point of view is that strategy is about enabling an organisation to achieve and sustain enhanced performance, overcome business challenges by understanding industry trends, leverage technology, develop new capabilities to achieve growth and outperform the competition. The outcome from these engagements must be an actionable roadmap they can implement to drive successful outcomes against tangible benefits.

It should not be underestimated the complexities of strategy engagements and the many drivers that could be a priority for the chosen business, for example; delivering innovation, driving efficiencies, improving profitability, developing new ways of working, organisational agility, operating rhythms, new technology adoption. To deliver a successful strategy engagement the vendor needs to understand the mechanics of organisational success, have deep industry experience, skills, insights and strong facilitation people. Another key learning from these engagements is that you can't treat them as a structured set of activities like a structured project engagement. The consultant has to take to take a pragmatic approach throughout the engagement and be able to deal with fluid environments including cultures. It is often necessary to triangulate to zero into underlying issues.


We have seen many strategy engagements fail due simply to the project management approach ideals. In our experience clients expect world-class Subject Matter Experts with decades of hands-on experience across multiple companies and industries. Our clients had multiple examples of strategy engagements but were lacking the detail to proceed and action a set of clearly defined projects or initiatives. The outcomes from our engagements enabled them to re-energise ideas and unlock value across their business.

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