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Mining Digital and Functional Transformation

The Mining industry concentrated on strengthening their balance sheets in 2016. After years of pulling back on investment, the worlds mining companies are ready to move forward. Productivity and complexity are issues on the CEO agenda; the industry is on the cusp of significant transformation. Studies show there is an increased willingness to embrace the opportunities offered by digitisation. A holistic view of all the different parts is critical, end-to-end transformation will enable the business to reduce complexity levels, and be agiler in general operations.

Our approach at Easymatics leverages methods and accelerators culled from multiple global assignments. Our framework includes; Lean by Design, Business Agility, Digital Transformation, Operational Excellence, Machine Learning and Integrated Operations. We believe we are uniquely positioned to deliver value and cost savings to Upstream clients on their transformation journey over traditional delivery models and with the speed that the market demands.

Lean by Design

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Business Agility

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Operational Excellence

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Machine Learning Adoption

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Integrated Operations

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Core Capabilities

Industry leading models identifying business objectives for the next 5-10 years, against an actionable roadmap.


Easymatics strategy services are underpinned by proven methods and decades or experience, enabling industries to make the right decisions, take advantage of opportunities, implement a sustainable and business aligned plan of activities and initiatives.

Making digital transformation one of the most beneficial and cost-effective exercises your organisation will ever do.Digital

Easymatics is at the forefront of delivering digital transformation, which is fundamentally about changing things. If you’re new to the process of digital transformation, then it can seem like a long and complex exercise. However, with a team of experienced people....

Best practice industry leading approach to process and operating model design, implementation and user experience.Processes

Our experience derives from years of delivering business process across multiple industries, is that organisations tend to focus on a particular process aspect, and then want the organisation to adjust around this new process. We do not believe you can deliver...

Experienced solution and data architects, pragmatically enabling organisations to build a future-proof platform.Architecture

Digital transformation requires a unique and vastly experienced skill set, and for our experience the required skill gap can be classified as solution and data architects. At Easymatics we have experienced solution and data architects, pragmatically enabling organisations to build a future-proof platform.

Track record delivering secure and robust real-time systems, spanning Operational and Information Technology disciplines.Real-time Systems

Real-time data is at the forefront of many industry projects, and is often confused as a standalone service skill. At Easymatics we find that real-time skills lie at so many touch points in a program, that it is generally the skill to cover these tasks that is required by organisations and vendors executing these programs.


We have developed many accelerators and methods to fast track digital transformation programmes for our clients. Examples include; maturity models, roadmap, technology selection, process models, project methodologies, strategy models, pre-built processes and operating models. Please review our insight section for industry relevant insights.

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