Easymatics Ltd. U.K.
Transforming Businesses through Digital & Technical Services Excellence


Global Insights

Assisting organisations to solve complex industry issues, ask the difficult questions, provide clarity and enhance capabilities to assure sustainable results.

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Proven Methods

Underpinned by decades of experience, we enable organisations to implement a sustainable plan of activities aligned to measurable business goals.

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Business Agility

Our team of experienced people make digital transformation straight forward, and one of the most beneficial exercises your organisation will ever do.

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Digital Transformation

Digital Upstream

Transforming ways of working for Upstream Oil & Gas using our proven framework for digital and functional transformation.

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Operational Excellence

Improve key business metrics. A proven framework using business levers which can quickly identify the main areas of improvement and many off-the-shelf assets to fast-track those initiatives.

Optimising Business Processes

Process Optimisation is a key focus area for optimising performance against known constraints. There are some basic things we can do to improve any process, and enable best practice behaviours.

Integrated Operations

If you made have significant investments to support a Integrated Operations program, your suppliers are asking for more, and you still have not yet realised the benefits. This is where we can help.


  • Step 1 – Advisory Services
    Step 1 – Advisory Services


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  • Step 2 – Strategy Services
    Step 2 – Strategy Services


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  • Step 3 – Transformation Services
    Step 3 – Transformation Services


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  • Step 4 – Management Services
    Step 4 – Management Services


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Core Capabilities

  • Capabilities: Strategy
    Industry leading models identifying business objectives for the next 5-10 years, against an actionable roadmap.
  • Capabilities: Digital
    Making digital transformation one of the most beneficial and cost effective exercises your organisation will ever do.
  • Capabilities: Processes
    Best practice industry leading approach to process and operating model design, implementation and user experience.
  • Capabilities: Architecture
    Experienced solution and data architects, pragmatically enabling organisations to build a future-proof platform.